Paperwork Automation

Gone are the days of long disorganized email chains for approvals and document submission

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Your organization's all-in-one tool for paperwork is here ... FINALLY!

Feature 01


Gather feedback on your products and services

Feature 03


Streamline your internal workflow approvals/review systems

Feature 04


A centralized place to submit and request all types of forms and paperwork

Feature 02


Conveniently distribute tasks


Our intuitive design makes switching to InstaFlow easy and our effective features make the switch profitable.

To get started, schedule a live demo at your convenience and determine which plan is right for your organization. If you're not sure which plan is best, ask a sales expert for advice.


Instaflow's simple user interface renders the complexity of document-based communication harmless.

Digitizing your internal and external communications has never been easier and more organized - simply make an account, and get started today.


Changing organizational habits can be frustrating; how can you be sure that your new system will be able to handle everything your organization needs?

Instaflow's general models for organizational activity are compatible with every organization's internal communication system, and setting up your Instaflow environment is fast.

How it works

Invite your team to InstaFlow and take control of your internal operations. Your team can join as soon you subscribe, and you can customize your Flows as soon as you begin.

A Flow is a series of stages of approval for any form of proposal. Employees submit proposals to these flows to get approval and feedback from the flow.

Rapidly submit documents for approval while getting to track the documents as they evolve with instant organization and communication

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